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Check out Bo-Ki-Bo Fitness' always growing and evolving programs. Learn more about your options below, and feel free to reach out with any questions.  We will be adding new classes and services so check back often!


Let's do this!

High intensity cardio class using sleds, ropes, bikes, exercise balls and condition drills.  Whatever your starting level of conditioning is, we will help you push beyond what you thought you could ever physically do.

Workout Lesson

1 on 1
Personal Training

Totally Customized to You

We'll work with you to custom design an affordable personal training program, matching you with the best trainer for your goals.  Our private training space is available for you and your trainer without needing to worry about sharing machines.

Image by Victor Freitas

Abs and Glutes

Shape and tone that butt and gutt!

A 45 minute class focusing on the abdominal and glute areas at a fat-burning, muscle-defining Pace

Young Woman in the Gym


Get in shape and get dangerous

A high intensity class with non-contact kickboxing combinations rope work and core strengthening.


Martial Arts Classes

Boxing   -    Krav Maga   -    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

Three Distinct Martial Arts, all under one roof. Our Instructors are the best of the best in their respective fields. We encourage you to try them all and see which feels like the right fit for you, or take all three and take your confidence and ability to unrivaled levels. 

Image by dylan nolte

Sport-specific boot camp

Champion School

An athletic bootcamp with speed, strength and agility exercises specific to your chosen sport. 

Leverage the decades of experience that our trainers have to grow or strengthen your inner champion. 

We have experience working with collegiate teams around the county.  Many students have gone on to division 1 and pro careers.  Others have leveraged what they learned to dominate their local clubs.  Customized training for you!

Image by Fitsum Admasu

Kids Classes

After School Self Defense

Boxing and Kickboxing bootcamps for children and Teenagers. Gain confidence while getting in shape and learning how to defend yourself. No equipment to buy, come comfortably dressed and ready to have fun in a safe and controlled environment

Kids with Capes
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